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This portrait depicts 13-year-old Chodron, who is considered to be an oracle and a reincarnated deity by the residents of her small village on the edge of Ngari Prefecture in Tibet, an area largely devoid of human presence as a result of its high altitude and climatic extremes.

This portrait has won First Place for Personal Work, PDN FACES 2017.

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Re-Imagining Tibet

Photographer Amy Luo describes her fine-art series “Till We Meet Again” and “Secret Scriptures,” which she shot last year in Tibet,as a kind of “collaboration” with her late grandfather. Each of her intensely saturated,crisply lit tableaux has an association with a line or poem in the journal he kept during his own travels in Tibet. – Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes, editor of Photo District News Magazine.


Behind the Scenes


My inspiration for my ongoing project, “Dreams,” came from a program targeting those with sleep disorders. The idea of the program was to train frequent dreamers and nightmare sufferers to write down the content of their extraordinary dreams, rewrite it with many different outcomes, and to mentally rehearse these new outcomes daily, until they become quite ordinary.
This got me wondering: what is it with the motif and content of dreams that resonates with all of us?
So, I started to collaborate with dreamers to revisit and reconstruct their dream scenarios and capture them with my camera. In the process, we collectively tried to retrieve details of their dreams and make them as authentic as possible.
As the project evolved, I accumulated stills and videos which exist only in small sections, like slices of dreams, in disrupted or mixed-up orders. I realized that there is perhaps nothing remarkable or exceptional in our dreams—that the oddest adventures are easily predicted, that every moment is really made up of very ordinary things. – Read More
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